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I.T.P. NOVEX Ltd is a World Provider of Homeland Security and Intelligence Systems, as well as Fleet Management Solutions.

From its incorporation in the year of 1992, I.T.P. Novex has flourished to become an established and recognized company in the fields of Security and Location Monitoring Systems.

The company’s headquarters and R&D Division are located near Tel-Aviv City in Israel.

The Company’s Systems have been for many years in operational use by different Law-Enforcement and Security Organizations in Israel, as well as Law-Enforcement Organizations, Intelligence Organizations, Military & Paramilitary Forces and Fleet Operators around the world.

Covert Vehicle Tracking and C4I Systems

We are a leading provider of Covert Vehicle Tracking and C4I Systems, used by Law Enforcement, Intelligence Organizations and Military Forces around the globe.

The company’s systems offer a full solution for Covert-Tracking Missions, as well as, for the Management of Special Field Operations of S.W.A.T Teams and Elite Military Units.

The systems include different types of Covert-Tracking and Location Units that have a GPS Receiver and 2G+3G Cellular Modems, enabling to track and locate Target Vehicles, as well as the Organization’s Vehicles and Personnel.

The tracking operations can be monitored simultaneously from several locations, using Personal Computers, Cellular Tablets and Smartphones.

Fleet Management Systems

Our Fleet Management Solutions allow Fleet Operators with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. On-demand information, activity reports and exception alerts enable intelligent business decisions to be made quickly in order to run the most efficient fleet possible.

Why us

The wide scale of experience and excellent reputation that I.T.P. Novex has gained amongst its customers enables the company to present these organizations with new systems and technologies that meet with their requirements.

  • To provide unique and creative solutions that meet our clients’ expectations and objectives.
  • To provide our customers with custom made solutions – The fact that all systems are developed in-house enables the company to cater to the clients’ special needs and to furnish unique and tailored solutions.
  • To provide our customers with professional quality of services, by a highly motivated team with a strong technological background and 24/7 availability.
  • To continuously search for opportunities beyond the agreed business objectives.

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